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Uniting Market Leaders

The AvComm and Wireless Validation products (formerly Aeroflex Test and Measurement business) powerfully enhance an already wide portfolio of award-winning market-leading solutions at VIAVI. Together, we deliver scale and expertise in a multitude of markets including 5G/LTE, private mobile radio, tactical military radio, as well as the global next gen airspace initiatives to network equipment manufacturers, communication service providers, civil, government, military and avionics customers across the globe.  

“VIAVI already has some 5G-related products to offer vendors, test labs and operators, but adding Cobham's AvComm and Wireless T&M portfolios, will greatly enhance its capabilities. It will also provide VIAVI with more firepower as it battles with other test system specialists for 5G-related business.” – Light Reading

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VIAVI Solutions Offerings
In addition to the AvComm and Wireless Validation technologies, VIAVI proudly delivers the following Network and Service Enablement and Optical Security and Performance Solutions.

Network and Service Enablement
VIAVI Solutions helps service providers, enterprises, and their ecosystems, to deploy, maintain, optimize, and evolve the most complex and powerful networks on the planet.

Our core competencies in Network & Service Enablement are in the areas of:

 - Network Test & Certification
 - Fiber Testing, Inspection, & Characterization
 - Network Service Activation & Assurance
 - Network Performance Management
 - Network Intelligence, Assurance, & Optimization
 - Network Security Forensics
 - Serving industries including:
               - Communications Service Providers
               - Enterprise, Cloud, & Data Centers
               - Network Equipment Manufacturers
               - Network Installation Contractors

Optical Security and Performance
The team at VIAVI are renown experts in the management of light. From specialty filters used for space exploration to custom color solutions for paints, inks, and textiles, to 3D sensing, and protecting the world’s currency from counterfeiters.

Our core competencies in Optical Security & Performance Products are in the areas of:

 - Optical Coatings
 - Optical Filters, including 3-D Sensing Filters
 - Anti-Counterfeiting Security Technology
 - Miniature Spectroscopy
 - Special Effects Pigments & Custom Color
 - Large-Scale Optics
 - Serving industries including:
               - Consumer Electronics
               - Anti-Counterfeiting
               - Industrial
               - Aerospace & Government